About Restimuli Publication

About Restimuli Publication

Restimuli Publication is the home for our RESTIMULIscapes.

RESTIMULIscapes organise the landscape of ESG values in organizations, across all critical categories and provide clarity to a complex system.

A “Restimuli” landscape, aka RESTIMULIscape, is an online map that places different companies in specific categories in accordance to their specific public ESG claims. RESTIMULIscape is also known as the ESG Market Map.

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Quick plug: At Restimuli we help companies showcase how ethically and sustainably they operate. Conveying credibility around societal commitments is what Restimuli is about! Read our suppliers memo.

Restimuli (restimuli.com) is the only business directory that allows buyers/investors to find suppliers based on their shared commitment to ethical / environmental / social / governance / philanthropic values.

Contact sales at restimuli.com to learn how a company profile and digital storefront in Restimuli's business directory makes it easier than ever for you to market your products and company values online.

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